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This Handheld Terminal is a compact and versatile mobile smart card reader. The design concept is very ergonomic to provide the ease of user without extensive training.

The advanced power management of the Handheld Terminal ensures that the battery can last for a minimum of 5 hours continuous usage. This is highly critical for he nature of usage of mobile devices in supporting mission critical activities.

We can customized the device to program to suit to customer requirement.


Customized  application in areas :

  • E-Purse Transportation in university/college

  • E-Purse Cafeteria

  • E-Purse Book store

  • Attendance System

  • Examination System

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This LCD Display Payment Terminal is designed for payment application. It utilizes MIFARE technology, stores the value in the card, and performs transaction in cash-less environment.

All the transactions will be saved in the terminal’s memory. End of the day, user may download the transactions to host via the RS232. It’s used for fix deduct value transactions. Keypad is available for variable value transactions.

It is user-friendly, simple, and complete. Not much training or knowledge is required to start using the terminal. All the necessary setting can be done using an Engineering card, this include switching the terminal payment mode to top up mode.


E-Purse application in areas :

  •  Transportation in university/college

  • Cafeteria

  • Photocopy machine

  • Vending machine

  • Washing machine

  • Car parking

  • Book store

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Integrated payment terminal-is designed for cashless transaction, where the value of money is kept inside the card, using the high security feature of smart card. Working as a standalone point of sale terminal-it is able to link with a printer to generate receipt, and an external display for customer viewing the transaction progress. The communication to PC is linked with RS232/RS485 serial mode, or even wireless mode, depends on the distance and environment. The payment terminal works with various setting according to the security level by utilizing the key feature in smart card. The convenience and the speedy reaction enable the payment terminal especially suitable for application in the cafeteria, book store, colleges, schools, canteens and other organisations.


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