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Idyia SME


A Human Resource Management System which incorporates advanced and useful features to suit all small and medium enterprise.



  • Bio-Data

  • Time Attendance

  • Leave Administration

  • Door Access

  • Security Tool

  • Database Maintenance

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Idyia HRMS


A Human Resource Management System designed and developed with practicality in mind and which incorporates many advanced and useful features to suit all environments.


Idyi@ HRMS enable the effective management of the human resource processes in an organization, such as keeping track of employees' attendance, bio-data, payroll and others.


It comes in modules representing different functional areas, which means you can select what you need to meet your current requirement and add on additional modules later.

Modules :

  • Applicant Module

  • Administrative Module

  • Company Description

  • Time Attendance

  • Leave Management

  • Payroll Management

  • Expenses Claim Management

  • Medical Claim Management

  • Performance Appraisal

  • Employee Service: Transportation, Uniform and Hostel Management

  • Canteen Management

  • Security Tool

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IFAST - Fixed Asset Tracking System


An effective tool for recording details about each corporate asset and keeping track of its whereabouts as all the asset movement such as Asset Transfer, Asset Disposal/Sale, Asset Check In/Out are recorded.

Besides, this system is able to calculate the depreciation and Net Book Value for each asset accurately based on the selected depreciation method.


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1.Door Access Management

To configure different group of student/staff to enter different zone based on the specified time period.


2.Student/Lecturer Attendance Management

To be integrated with the existing student system to extract the student time schedule and produce the summary of student/staff attendance.


3. Library Entrance Management

To control the library access by installing a smart card reader at the entrance of the library. Therefore, only the valid student/staff is allow to enter


4. Student Examination

Make use of Smart Card Reader or PDA to verify the student validity.


5. E-Purse Application

Monetary value can be added/deducted into/from  smart card, and therefore the smart card can be used to consume in various area within the campus such as Canteen/Cafeteria, Car Park, Vending Machine and Photocopier.


6.Student Dormitories System

To control the access to school dormitories


7. PC & Networking Access

Make use of smart card to control the PC access and access time as well.


8. Assets & Service Management

To track books in library with smart label integration. Also leave management and claim management for staffs.


9.Visitor management

To give permission to visitor's who wants to enter the perimeter on a specified time.


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